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Accessibility Center

The following resources are intended to assist arts organizations in providing accessible services to Americans with disabilities.

Federal Accessibility Laws

State Accessibility Laws

Accessibility laws may vary by state. For more information about accessibility laws in each state, and provisions made by state arts agencies in our region, please contact your state arts agency accessibility coordinator directly.

Access Symbols

Disability Access Symbols The Graphic Artists Guild provides a free package of downloadable logos to use in publicizing your activities to people with disabilities. Their page also explains what the symbols stand for and when it is appropriate to use each one.

Handbooks, Checklists, and Plans

Use these tools to assess barriers, plan, and take specific steps to increase access for people with disabilities.

Organizations and Government Agencies Devoted to Accessibility Issues

  • Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTAC) – A network of regional centers funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, a division of the U.S. Department of Education, that provide information, materials, technical assistance, and training on the ADA.
  • Great Lakes ADA Center – Serving the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
  • Great Plains ADA Center – Serving the state of Iowa.
  • Rocky Mountain ADA Center – Serving the states of North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • Kennedy Center – Information on the LEAD (Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability) Conference.
  • National Arts and Disability Center – Featuring resources aimed at artists with disabilities, arts organizations, and arts administrators, a comprehensive site that includes extensive information on assistive devices, services and products.
  • Minnesota Access Alliance – MN Access Alliance is led by a group of arts and cultural administrators who met at the LEAD Conference. Their organization is focused on knowledge and resource sharing around accessibility.

Our Accessibility Policy

Arts Midwest believes the exchange of ideas and creative experiences inspires curiosity and understanding, and that inclusion of people of disabilities in our work improves this exchange and is required to be a just organization.

We believe that accessibility begins with our proactive attitude and approach. In our planning, we place a priority on universal design principles. Arts Midwest is eager to provide accommodations for people with disabilities in our employment, programs, and services, including but not limited to accessibility technology, alternative methods of communication, physical accommodations, and flexibility in our practices.

Arts Midwest inquires about accessibility needs and provides upon request, alternative formats, auxiliary aids, and services necessary for people with disabilities to participate in our programs and services, whether as artists, audience, or employees.

All grantees and partners in programs agree to comply with the ADA and 504 regulations as part of their agreement/contract with our organization.

Questions? Please contact our accessibility coordinator: Emily Anderson.