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We gratefully acknowledge the important gifts of the following individuals. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Emma Bohmann, development manager, at [email protected] or 612.238.8050, or visit our online donation page.

Our individual donors, current as of July 1, 2021, include:

Veronica Ahern
Torrie Allen
Emily Anderson and Danaca Booth
Susan Colby and Lawrence Baill Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Larry Baill and Susan Colby
Jack and Kathleen Barlow
Julia Barlow
Catherine Barnett
Marc Baylin
Alan Becker
Rebecca Biderman
Anne Black
Emma Bohmann
Jonathan Riehle and Angela M. Bohmann
Brian and Kaija Bonde
Peter Capell
Ken Carlson and Lara Roberts
Rick Chandler and Heidi Pankoke
Susan Chandler
Sandra Clark
Donna Collins
Alex Cousins
Loann Crane
Shantel Dow
Steve Duchrow
Darlene Dulitz
Craig Dunn in memory of Colleen McLaughlin
Marlene Feldman
Ken and Penny Fischer
Gerry Foley
David Fraher
Jeannette Gardner
Judy Gaviser
Brian Goesl
Anne Gossett
Emily Gutknecht
Clay and Sandy Haapala
Ken and Catherine Haarstad
Lindsay Hanson
Nancy Harold, in honor of David Fraher
Matthew Harris
Stacy Harrison
Janet Herman Barlow
Stan and Jane Hooper
Alana Horton
Victoria Hutter
Kendra Whitlock Ingram
Yumi Inomata and Karl H. Nilsson
Sylvia Kaufman
Bob Kay
Moira Keane and Thomas L. Romens
Thomas Keegan
Jill and Bill Klanderman
Andrea Larsen and Bill Youmans
Daniel Lawrence
Wayne Lawson
Patti Liberatore
Emma Lumsden
Marc Lyon
Alex Mallett
Emily Maltz and Jean-Michel Artigaud
Kymm and Ivan Martinez
David Mayeri
Barbara McLaughlin
Sir or Madam
Rene Meyer-Grimberg
Joel Mintzer and Heidi Schneider
Bonnie Monte
Michael and Marci Moses
Gretta Mosser
Daniel Murphy
Alexandra Nicholis Coon
Jenny Palmer
Michael Pangburn
Ashleigh Penrod
Adam Perry
Jasper Person
Mary Pickard
Rhoda Pierce
Steve and Arlene Pine
Ashwini Ramaswamy
Leslie Rapp
Jane and John Rasmussen
Barbara Rawley and Dan Nordby
Barbara Robinson
Betsy Roder
Anne Romens and Christopher Hill
Laura Ross
Sara Rowley
Omari Rush
Sandra Schoeder
Darr Schreurs
Mackenzie Scott
Dana Setterholm and Antonio Spargo
Kathleen Sewell
Kitty Strauss and Dick Rosenthal
Nico Taranovsky and Sharon Preves, in honor of Jody
Tammy Tesky Ausen, in memory of Colleen McLaughlin
Brian Tiemann
Megan and Ryan Torkelson
George Tzougros
Angela and Grant Urbanz
Michael Vinson
Jan Virgin
Greg Volan and Katarina Topalov
Saymoukda Vongsay, In memory of Sanouthith Vongsay
Robert Wagner
Stanley Wai and Gayle Jorgens
Melissa Wales
Matthew Wallace
Ginger Warner
Alison Watson
Janine Webb
Chris Widdess
Anya Wilkening
Sally Windle
Pernille Wollan
Kyoko Yoshida