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The Ideas Hub is a collection of free, curated articles and tools that help creative leaders foster growth within their organizations. We aim to make the work easier by simplifying complex concepts in relatable ways, sharing real-life examples, and providing the framework for how to turn concepts into reality.

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Three Ways to Strengthen Your Community’s Creative Identity

Reading Time: 8 Minutes

Revitalizing your local creative ecosystem can be easier than you think. Learn where to start and what you’ll need to create sustainable creative opportunity in your community.

Programming Community Engagement Communications

Creating an Accessibility Plan for Your Arts Organization

Reading Time: 10 Minutes

Making programs and services accessible is an important goal. This article outlines a do-it-yourself approach for arts and cultural organizations to plan for disability access that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access Operations Leadership

Finding Your Hedgehog

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The most powerful place to invest your energy is your Hedgehog: the intersection of the work your organization does better than anyone, is most passionate about, and drives support through revenue. This article helps you find your hedgehog.

Strategy Fundraising Leadership

Strengthening Your Next Community Engagement Project

Reading Time: 7 Minutes

When communities are engaged with public art projects, the work better reflects the diversity of voices and responds more effectively to their values and priorities. This article outlines a comprehensive approach to community engagement.

Community Engagement

Going Beyond Land Acknowledgments

Reading Time: 7 Minutes

Land acknowledgment statements usually focus on recognizing the Indigenous past, present, and future of a location. This article helps you go beyond a statement and develop an action plan that actually supports Indigenous people.

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