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The Ideas Hub is a collection of free, curated articles and tools that help creative leaders foster growth within their organizations. We aim to make the work easier by simplifying complex concepts in relatable ways, sharing real-life examples, and providing the framework for how to turn concepts into reality.

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What Drives Your Revenue?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Developing strategies to handle your organization’s mix of revenue sources will enable you to hone your capacities in a way that strengthens your resource engine. This tool offers insight into the realities and challenges of revenue mix.

Finance Operations Strategy

Building a Resilient Financial Model

Reading Time: 9 Minutes

Your nonprofit’s financial model is the structure that supports the business entity. Leaders must be prepared to assess its effectiveness and adapt in response to (or anticipation of) change. This article will help you develop resilience.

Finance Operations Leadership

Mission/Money Matrix

Reading Time: 6 minutes

The Mission/Money Matrix is a tool for visualizing how a nonprofit’s programs and activities contribute to profitability and mission impact. It helps you prioritize resource allocation and facilitates strategic staff and board discussions.

Finance Strategy Leadership

Reliability/Autonomy Matrix

Reading Time: 6 Minutes

The Reliability/Autonomy Matrix is a tool for examining a nonprofit’s revenue mix. By considering how reliable funding is, and your freedom to choose how funds are used, you can make better forecasts and consider revenue diversification.

Finance Strategy Leadership