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Unni Boksasp Ensemble Enjoys Marietta

Unni and her ensemble rolled into beautiful Marietta, Ohio located on the banks of the Ohio River. It’s always nice when the ensemble has a...

Oud, Pipa, and Voice blend together in Minneapolis

Last night an event titled Tracing the History of Oud took place at the Somali Museum of Minnesota , a local museum that is 10 minutes east...

"Earth Meeting Caravan" begins

Arts Midwest & Ondekoza wish to dedicate their Arts Midwest World Fest tour to the memory of Mitsuo Tamura.

New Arts Midwest World Fest season announced

A new season of Arts Midwest World Fest includes international music ensembles from Israel, China, Norway, and Japan to tour small...

New friends meet in Iowa

If you passed through the State Historical Building in Des Moines, Iowa, two weeks ago, you may have heard a chorus of unfamiliar songs—and...

Lessons in learning

No matter how many school workshops you witness, there are always important lessons left to learn.