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The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble

The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble brings the cultural mosaic that is Israel alive within your community! Their sounds—drawn from Eastern European, Balkan, Gypsy, Sephardic and Yemenite melodies—are at times rollicking and joyous, at others moving and mournful. But they are always vibrant and passionate and performed from the heart. To listen to the Israeli Ethnic Ensemble is to stroll the markets of Old Jaffa, to sip coffee in a café above the Mediterranean. It is to experience the mystery of Israel.

Israel is the product of an immigrant society with many musical traditions. The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble is a five member band formed in 2004 by musicians from some of the many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that all call Israel home. The variety of languages, cultures, and musical styles they perform in concert makes for a truly unique, entertaining, and educational world music experience.

The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble are:
Talya G.A. Solan: lead vocals
Avri Borochov: double bass
Yonnie Dror: wind instruments
Aviad Ben Yehuda: percussion: darbouka, cajon, bells
Sefi Asfuri Hirsh: oud, bouzouki, violin