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Chuchumbé, from southern Veracruz, Mexico, interprets and recreates music in verse and dance from the son jarocho tradition, a multicultural mix of Spanish, African, and indigenous influences. Since its creation in 1990, The group is dedicated to the exploration of the “son” through performances and workshops that teach traditional music, “zapateado” (percussive dancing on a wooden platform), writing of verses, and construction of musical instruments.
Chuchumbé has focused a large part of its work on the versada, developing not only different structural lyric forms and meters, but also a strict thematic coherence, which was one of the elements that was disappearing from the traditional fandango festivals where versadores used to sing verses. Chuchumbé accompanies this effort on versada with the search on the appropriate lyrical knowledge about the topics.

The members of Chuchumbé are:
Adriana Yolanda Cao Romero Alcala, Dalmasio Cobos Utrera, Andres Flores Rosas, Patricio Hidalgo Belli, Leopoldo Enrique Novoa Matallana, Felix Jose Oseguera Rueda, Rubi Del Carmen Oseguera Rueda, and Zenen Zeferino Huervo.