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Prepare your application

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Arts Midwest Touring Fund. Visit the GIG Fund website to learn about the upcoming grant opportunity.

  1. Read and understand the guidelines.
  2. Secure or renew your organization’s SAM.gov registration prior to the application deadline. “Pending” SAM.gov registrations will be accepted at the time of application.
  3. Prepare your application by gathering the following information.
  4. Complete and submit the application form by Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Only one application will be accepted per organization.
  • There is not an option to save and return to the application form.
  • All of the application contents are below, including all formatted documents that will need to be completed and uploaded. Prepare, share with team members, and revise.
  • Copy and paste narrative responses from a Word document or text-based program (character count includes spaces).
  • Close all documents before uploading into the form.
  • No project budget is needed at the time of the application.

General information

  1. Applicant’s legal name, street and physical address, contact person for details of engagement and official grant communications, DUNS number, and an “active” registration in SAM.gov.
  2. Federal tax-exempt status documentation either IRS 501c(3) determination letter or if a unit of state or local government, documentation of your organization’s Federal (not state) tax-exempt status or Federally-recognized tribal community or tribe. This document will be uploaded. If your organization applied for the 2017-2018 season, you do not need to provide this document because one is on file.

Professional performing artist

  1. Provide the artist/ensembles’ (not their manager/agent’s) name, state of residence, and artist’s website.
  2. Brief narrative describing the artist/ensemble (1,600 character limit).
  3. Letter of intent, unsigned contract, or fully-executed contract between the applicant and the artist or their agent/manager that includes the names of both parties, date(s) of engagement, artist/ensemble’s contracted fee, and if confirmed, details of the public performance(s) and community activity(ies). This document will be uploaded.
  4. If applicable, does this artist/ensemble identify as an Indigenous performing artist? See Western Arts Alliance’s definition of Indigenous in the guidelines. Please include information about their self-identification in #3 brief narrative of artist/ensemble.

Details of engagement

Use the formatted spreadsheet below to provide the date or month and year, location information, description, and primary age for each performance and community activity that are known at the time of the application. It must include at least one performance for a general audience and one community activity.

Download and complete the Proposed Engagement Excel spreadsheet.

Audience with limited access

Brief narrative describing how you will ensure the participation of people with limited access to the performing arts, in the performance and/or community activity, due to one of more of the following factors. (1,600 character limit)

  • Historically underrepresented or marginalized people
  • Youths (18 or younger)
  • Older adults (65 or older)
  • Veterans and active service members
  • Disability
  • Adults and youths in the justice system
  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Geographic location

Contact Us

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John Kaiser, grants specialist, 612.238.8024

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