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Application deadline has passed

Prepare all application content (see below) prior to entering the online application form.You will not be able to save and return to this form. The entire application must e completed and submitted at one time. Close all documents before you begin, and you will not be able to upload documents left open on your computer.

  • Narrative responses, which will be pasted in text boxes in the application form, should be created and saved in a Word or other text-based program. No italic, bold, underline, bullets, or other formatting can be accepted. The length of each response cannot be more than the indicated character limit (including spaces). To save space, limit the number of paragraphs.
  • You must use the formatted spreadsheet for the Engagement Schedule.

Application contents included the following:

Your organization

1. Organization: street and physical address, contact person for details of engagement and official grant communications, DUNS number, and an “active” registration or am in the process of registering at SAM.gov until the application process is complete, and if granted, throughout the life of the award.. Registration for DUNS and SAM.gov is free but will take the time to complete. We recommend finalizing a new or renew and existing SAM.gov registration at least two weeks before the application deadline. You may need to update your organization’s registration if you completed it for the Arts Midwest Touring Fund application in previous years.
2. Federal tax-exempt status documentation* (upload): IRS 501c(3) determination letter or if a unit of state or local government, documentation of your organization’s federal (not state) tax-exempt status or federally recognized tribal community or tribe.
3. If applicable, the organization’s or entity’s Single Audit. This only applies to entity’s that expend $750,000 or more in yearly expenditures of Federal awards during the most recently completed fiscal year.

Professional performing artist

  • The artist/artist may be from anywhere in the world but must reside outside of the applicant’s state.
  • The primary performer and focus of the public performance must be the professional, touring artist and not local artists, children, and/or students.
  • The artist/ensemble must have a minimum contracted fee of $2,500.
  • While an application for an artist/ensemble performing at a festival qualifies, an application encompassing many separate artists at a festival does not qualify.
  • Out-of-state artists/ensembles who are part of a camp faculty must have a separate contract for a stand-alone public performance and community engagement activities; those may include activities with the students attending the camp.
  • Guest artists/ensembles that are part of the applicant’s own performance, concert, or production do not qualify; such as a guest conductor for an orchestra/symphony; guest choreographer who set a piece with local dancers; a guest singer appearing with the local opera company, etc.

1. Provide the artists/ensembles’ (NOT their manager/agent’s) name, state of residence, and website. Determining an artist’s state of residence: the state where the artist is located; for an ensemble of artists located in more than one state, select the state in which the ensemble’s business is conducted; and remember the artist may not be located in the same state as the applicant.
2. A brief description of the artists/ensembles (1,600 character narrative*).
3. Letter of intent or draft contract between the presenting organization and the artist/ensemble is acceptable at the time of the application.
This document will be uploaded and should include:

  • Names of both parties (presenting organization and artist and/or agent)
  • Date(s) of the engagement
  • Artist/ensemble’s contract fee (must be at least $2,500)
  • If confirmed, details of public performance(s) and community engagement activity(ies)

Details of engagement

1. Proposed Engagement Schedule: Use the formatted spreadsheet below. This spreadsheet should include date or month, location information, description, and primary age that each event will target. The information provided will be used to determine if the application meets the engagement requirements and if an application qualifies for a Community Residency Star and/or a Geographically Underserved Star Project.

  • Please provide as many details regarding your performance(s) and community engagement activity(ies) as are known at the time of the application. Add extra rows as necessary for additional events.
  • List performances and community engagement activities separately. Your engagement must include at least one performance that is open and promoted to the public and at least one separate community engagement activity. Refer to the engagement requirements for more details.
  • If the exact date is unknown at the time of the application, please include only the month. For example, if you know the activity will occur in March, list the event date as “March.”

Download Engagement Schedule

Underserved audience

Applicants are required to ensure the participation of an underserved audience (either through the public performance or community engagement activity, or both) that is composed of people whose access to the performing arts is limited by one or more of the factors as described in the engagement requirements.

  • If you are inviting, marketing to, or offering a discount or complimentary tickets, you must explain how you will ensure participation.
  • Lack of access to an artform does not fulfill this requirement.
  • The general demographics of your community do not fulfill this requirement.

1. Description of the underserved audience you will reach and partnership(s)/program(s) through which you will ensure participation of these people. (1,600 character narrative**).

Requirements for Specific Population Star Project applications ONLY

If your organization is engaging a specific population, you must provide the following items. Applications that ensure that the public performance, community engagement activity, or both will engage on of the Specific Populations as described in the Star Projects will qualify as a Specific Population Star Project.

  1. Describe your plans to ensure the participation of this specific population in the performance and/or community engagement activity. (900 character narrative).
  2. Upload a letter from a partner organization or a member of the population to be reached that confirms their participation.

**Character count includes spaces.

Assurance of Compliance

This program is supported by federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, and therefore all selected organizations must comply with these federal regulations.
Assurance of Compliance