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Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Arts Midwest Touring Fund. Visit the GIG Fund website to learn about the upcoming grant opportunity.

Please read the full Touring Fund program guidelines before preparing your application. These FAQs are intended to give you a quick introduction to the Touring Fund and/or clarify information and details.

My organization is hoping to host a touring artist in the 2020-2021 season, but with COVID-19 worries and restrictions, we just don’t know if it will happen. Can we apply anyway?

Yes! Submit an application for the proposed performance(s) and activities. If you are awarded a grant and your plans need to change, please contact us! We can work with you to discuss options, such as postponing/rescheduling, hosting a different artist, or conducting activities virtually.

I don’t have a signed contract from the artist yet. Can I still apply?

Yes! If you don’t yet have a fully executed contract with the artist, we will require a Letter of Intent at the time of your application. Then, if you are allocated grant funds, we will follow up in a few months to get a fully executed artist contract.

I’m an artist (performer, musician, dancer, composer, etc.). Can I apply?

No. Arts Midwest Touring Fund grants go directly to presenting organizations, such as performing arts centers, that are hosting touring artists/ensembles. Follow the flow of funds below:

An artist from the other side of my state is touring to perform at our organization. Does this qualify?

No. The artist must tour from outside your state.

Can I apply with an international artist?


What artist fee amounts will you support?

Artist fees must be at least $2,500. There is no maximum.

Can grant funds help cover the costs of lodging, transportation, meals, etc.?

Funds must go directly to offset the artist’s fee. If lodging, transportation, meals, etc. are wrapped into the artist’s total fee in the contract, we will consider those costs when calculating 20% of the total fee.

How can I reach an audience with limited access to the performing arts?

Partner with an organization, school, or community group within your community. Do you already perform for school groups or nursing homes? That qualifies! We also encourage you to think creatively and connect with other organizations who may be interested in hosting/attending a performance or workshop.

We also require that you ensure the participation of the audience you are hoping to reach. For example, if you are hoping to reach youth, hanging flyers at the local schools doesn’t necessarily mean students will attend your event. But if you partner with an administrator or teacher to coordinate a school performance, student participation is guaranteed.

I’ve never registered for SAM.gov. Does it cost anything?

No. SAM.gov is always free! However, it is a complicated process, so scammers often target organizations to try to charge them fees.

I don’t qualify for the Arts Midwest Touring Fund. What other funding sources would you suggest?

Check with your state arts agency!

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

Email [email protected], or contact us by phone.

Ellen DeYoung, Grants Specialist, 612.238.8028
John Kaiser, Grants Specialist, 612.238.8024