Tools for Grantees

Arts Midwest encourages organization’s receiving Arts Midwest Touring Fund support to manage their grant award effectively for the benefit of both your organization and the arts in the Midwest. Please contact us if you have questions throughout the process.

Pre-engagement tools & resources

Standards Manual

Adobe Acrobat PDF All grantees must review and adhere to the crediting requirements as detailed in the Standards Manual.

Please remember to use Arts Midwest’s recently-updated logo.

Document templates

  • Word docNews Release Template [35 KB Word doc]
    • After July 1, 2016, you may announce the support you are receiving from the Arts Midwest Touring Fund.

Preparing for your Final Report

Final Reports must be submitted through an electronic form that will be sent from Arts Midwest prior to the start of your engagement. The contents of this report include the following:

  1. Your organization: Review your organization’s information, including address and contacts, and make any necessary changes.
  2. Final Engagement Schedule spreadsheet (upload): Date, location, address, city, state, zip+4, county, brief description, primary age, and attendance for each activity. In addition, there are two questions regarding the population that benefited from the engagement (see page 1 of spreadsheet). Microsoft Excel spreadsheetDownload the Final Engagement Schedule. [52 KB Excel spreadsheet]
  3. Engagement narrative #1: Description of the overall impact of the engagement on your community, the audience, and participants. Provide details of how people you planned to reach from the underserved audience was engaged, and how they benefitted from their participation. (4,300 character limit)
  4. Engagement narrative #2: Provide quotes/feedback from at least two participants that demonstrate the value of this engagement. (1,600 character narrative)
  5. Engagement narrative #3: Describe how the support from the Arts Midwest Touring Fund impacted your organization’s ability to present this artist and what you achieved that would not have been possible without it. (1,600 character narrative)
  6. Final Budget (upload): Provide details of the revenues and expenses for your engagement.
    Microsoft Excel spreadsheetDownload the Final Budget spreadsheet. [56 KB Excel spreadsheet]
  7. Crediting: (upload) You must submit a minimum of three examples of crediting. These can include programs, brochures, press releases, email newsletters, your website, and more. You can choose whether to upload your crediting examples or mail hard copies.
  8. Images (upload): Submitting images of your engagement is highly recommended, but not required. You can choose whether to upload your images or mail a CD. If you are submitting images, you must fill out and upload the Image Permission & Usage form.
    Microsoft Excel spreadsheetDownload the Image Permission & Usage form. [48 KB Excel spreadsheet] How To Use Drop It To Me.pdf

*Character count includes spaces.

Requirements for Special Population Star Project applications ONLY

  1. Letter from a participant (upload): Letter from a partner organization or a member of the population reached that confirms their participation.

Compliances & accessibility

Assurance of Compliance

Adobe Acrobat PDF All funded engagements must comply fully with all federal statutes and regulations on the Assurance of Compliance

Accessibility Tools

Use these tools to ensure that your engagement is accessible to people with disabilities.