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Ten Ways to Get Involved

How can you get involved in the NEA Big Read?

  1. Talk to your local librarians. Have they heard about the program? Would they be interested in submitting an application?
  2. Encourage teachers, school administrators, and school boards to incorporate the NEA Big Read into their curricula.
  3. Volunteer. After all, as a reader it’s in your nature. To Read or Not To Read found that readers are far more likely to volunteer than non-readers. If there is already an NEA Big Read in your community, how can you help out?
  4. Go! The simplest way to get involved in the NEA Big Read is to attend events in your community. The NEA Big Read offers a variety of programming nationwide, from family events and book discussion groups to theatrical adaptations, movie screenings, and more.
  5. Become a sponsor. Your corporation or small business can become a sponsor of a local NEA Big Read, or donate goods and services for Big Read events. You can also organize a “workplace read,” in which your company partners with organizers to facilitate reading groups for your business.
  6. Make connections. If you are involved in organizations or community groups that might be good partners for your local library, consider forming partnerships to expand the reach of the NEA Big Read.
  7. Invite a friend. The declining trends in reading won’t be reversed overnight. Sometimes the biggest difference can be made one person at a time. Invite someone to read the book or attend an event with you.
  8. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know about your interest in the NEA Big Read. Hand out flyers or post them in shop windows. Get the word out.
  9. Stay engaged with social media. Follow us on Twitter! Use #NEABigRead to share your experiences about the program and see how others are participating around the nation.
  10. Read, read, read!