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Folkefest Online

Since 2017, Arts Midwest Folkefest has brought musicians from Finland and Sweden to communities in the Midwest. This year, when we can’t be with you in person, we’re still bringing music and culture from around the world to your screens – in our partner community of New York Mills, Minnesota, and beyond.

Kardemimmit’s digital residency includes a livestreamed concert, online workshops with schools, virtual events with community members, and other educational content including videos and downloadable study guides.

About Kardemimmit

Kardemimmit from Finland. Photo by Jimmy Träskelin

Kardemimmit are four strong, young women who play a rare gem: the Finnish national instrument kantele, an ancient stringed instrument with a silvery sound. While playing 15- and 38-string kanteles, Kardemimmit sing mesmerizing harmonies in original compositions that blend a modern approach with a deep foundation in Finnish, Eastern European, and Scandinavian traditions.


Video Series

You’re invited to learn about and experience Finnish music and culture through three videos featuring Kardemimmit.

Kardemimmit Off the Stage Take a look into the lives of each member of Kardemimmit as they take us with them on a day in their lives, from the capital city of Helsinki to the countryside of Alahärmä. Learn more about Finnish traditions as the ensemble members go skiing, visit a sauna, and travel by kick sled around their neighborhood.
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Kardemimmit Workshop Learn from Kardemimmit about the national instrument of Finland, the kantele, and how they mix traditional folk music with modern melodies. Take a special look inside their music as the ensemble members explain the meaning behind their lyrics and the stories they tell.
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Kardemimmit In Concert Explore Finnish folk music with Kardemimmit in a special live concert held in celebration of St. Urho’s Day.
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Educational Materials

We’ve created special curriculum materials to help educators and parents use the videos in classrooms and beyond.

Finnish Country & Culture This 2-page curriculum guide will give you an overview of Finland’s history, geography, climate, people, culture, food, and more.
Kardemimmit Ensemble & Music This 2-page curriculum guide introduces Kardemimmit and covers some of the history and form of Finnish music and instruments.
Discussion Questions Use these 14 questions based on the video series to start interesting discussions about culture, identity, history, and more.
Activity Guide Try Finnish activities inspired by the videos from dancing to music to physical activities and art. Ideal for elementary and middle schoolers, but there’s something for all ages!


Public Residency Activities

 Promo Shot, Kardememmit


Tuesday, March 16 at 7:00pm CT

Join us and explore Finnish folk music with Kardemimmit in a special live concert. This concert is being held in celebration of St. Urho’s Day and to kick off Kardemimmit’s weeklong digital residency with the Cultural Center in New York Mills

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 A woman strums a Kantele

Coffee Hour

Wednesday, March 24 from 10-11am CT

Join us for a special conversation with Kardemimmit. Bring a cup of coffee or tea, share a question, or just listen in as we hear from the musicians about their connection to Finnish culture, their journey with their music, and how they’re navigating the pandemic.


Arts Midwest Folkefest is produced by Arts Midwest with generous support from Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies and in partnership with Minnesota State Arts Board.

Folkefest Online and Kardemimmit’s digital residency are presented in partnership with the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.