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Kardemimmit are four strong, young women who play a rare gem: the Finnish national instrument kantele, an ancient stringed instrument with a silvery sound. While playing 15- and 38-string kanteles, Kardemimmit sing mesmerizing harmonies in original compositions that blend a modern approach with a deep foundation in Finnish, Eastern European, and Scandinavian traditions.

The band formed in 1999 at the Juvenalia Music Institute in the members’ hometown of Espoo, Finland. In 2004, Kardemimmit was nominated for Band of the Year by the Kantele Association, and the next year they won the International Kantele Competition. The group has released four albums, and their third album was chosen as the 2012 Album of the Year by the Finnish Folk Music Association. They have toured extensively in Europe, North America, and Japan.


2017–2019 | Finland and Sweden