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Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble (sponsored performance)

Performance Date & Time: 
Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 6:35pm

A six-member ensemble, including Grammy Award-nominated performers, delivers an acoustic instrumental mix of world, folk, jazz, and new age with virtuosic flair. Featuring Mosby’s compositions and arrangements, the instrumentation includes vocals, woodwinds, acoustic guitars, piano, bass, and percussion. The showcase set will include “Joni’s Song,” “Island Song,” “Down by the River,” and “Western Sky,” featuring folk, Latin, and contemporary sounds and highlighting the saxophone, vocals, and full ensemble. Fun to watch, transformational listening, audience inclusive, New Horizons Ensemble delivers performances that change lives.

Music (chamber, folk, jazz/blues, world, contemporary acoustic instrumental, new age)
Asking Fee Range: 
See agent
Exhibitor Name & Exhibit Space Number: 
Mosby Music Group, LLC, Exhibit 919