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Koresh Dance Company

Performance Date & Time: 
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 8:15pm

“Matters of the Heart,” the latest NEA-funded collaboration between Roni Koresh and poet Karl Mullen, will explore how the ears and the eyes relate and achieve synthesis—a dance for ears. This new work is nestled amongst Koresh favorites as moments of tenderness and grace alternate with humor and brash force in a dynamic, non-stop 2017-18 touring program. Koresh Dance Company is recognized for superb technique, synchronization, speed, power, and emotive acuity.

Dance (modern)
Asking Fee Range: 
$15,000–$20,000 for single run, see agent for routed fees and residencies
Exhibitor Name & Exhibit Space Number: 
Koresh Dance Company, Exhibit 614