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2019 In-Depth Seminars

Wednesday, September 4, 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Minneapolis Convention Center

Jumpstart your time at the Conference by joining your colleagues for a day of learning, discussing, sharing, exploring, and adding to your tool box to be an effective arts leader in today’s world.

These seminars require pre-registration but are open to anyone. Arts administrators from the greater Twin Cities area are encouraged to participate, whether or not they’re attending the full Conference. 

Presenting + Touring 101: Foundations for Getting Started

This immersive workshop is designed for both new presenters and early career artists and will explore the current state of the performing arts market, building a professional team, routing, budgeting, how to maximize your presence at conferences and getting on presenter’s radars utilizing your global network.

Seminar Only

Proactive Accessibility

Accessibility is about creating an inclusive environment that is welcoming to people with disabilities, but accessibility considerations can easily get lost if nobody owns them. We all share responsibility for complying with ADA requirements, and this session aims to lay out some examples of how to split these responsibilities, led by an attitude of access. Focusing on the dynamics between presenters, managers/agents, and artists, this seminar will cover topics such as working with artists and performers with disabilities, marketing artists and performers with disabilities, and overall improving access for patrons.

Seminar Only