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Professional Development Committee

Now accepting nominations for the Professional Development Committee

Be a part of how we plan Professional Development at the Conference by nominating yourself or a colleague to serve on this committee. Members set the goals and help generate the content for our workshops, panels, and discussions.

Committee members are an integral part of the Arts Midwest Conference by:

  • Generating new ideas for topics that are relevant to attendees
  • Identifying major trends in the field and their implications
  • Proposing speakers and session formats to address specific topics

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2019 Keynote Conversation. Photo by Terry Gilliam.

An intentional representation of the field

In recent years, we have worked to enrich what’s offered to attendees through Professional Development because we view it as a core component of the entire Conference experience. This work starts with our Professional Development Committee, and that group must be an intentional representation of the performing arts field. By engaging a larger number of speakers than previous years and pursuing topics that go beyond best practices in the field, we’re making space for a wider array of perspectives, and as a result the overall quality of the programming has increased and participation has grown.

2019 Dance Forum, presented in partnership with Dance/USA. Photo by Terry Gilliam.

Tapping into what you do every day

Serving on the committee taps into the work you do every day, and we welcome viewpoints from all perspectives. We understand that every committee member brings something different to the table, and Arts Midwest will invite colleagues from across a range of organizations and experience levels. As a whole, we are looking for the committee to:

  • Be savvy and contribute knowledge about current and potential future trends in touring performing arts, and the arts in general
  • Have a level of familiarity with our Conference and attendees
  • Have a healthy interest in helping their colleagues gain knowledge and skills to be more effective in their workplaces
  • Have the ability to see the big picture and the finer details required for our attendees’ daily work
  • Understand the importance of learning about the art forms represented at our Conference
  • Suggest balanced offerings that apply to the wide range of skills, interests, and needs of our attendees
  • Offer ideas for and connections to potential session leaders, especially those outside of our field

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“The Professional Development Committee was a concrete way for me to give back to the Conference and really play a role in helping to shape that experience for other people.”
– Heena Patel, CEO and founder of MELA Arts Connect

What’s the commitment?

Here’s what we expect from each member:

  • Participate in 3–4 web conference planning and brainstorming meetings
  • Engage in small-group conversations between meetings via email or on phone calls
  • Attend the Conference in Omaha (September 9–12, 2020). Registration required.

Professional Development at the 2019 Conference. Photo by Terry Gilliam.

This form is open year-round. Nominations received by December 12, 2019 will be considered for the 2020 Conference.

Note: Nominations from previous years are kept on file for future consideration. If you submitted a nomination within the past 5 years, there’s not need to submit one again. Contact [email protected] to confirm that your previous nomination is on file.

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