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Independent Showcases

Independent showcasing allows artists, managers, and agents to capitalize on the avid audience of presenters planning their upcoming seasons. In recent years, more than 200 independent and group independent showcases were listed in the Conference publications as taking place at or near the Conference venue(s) over the four-day event.


Independent Showcase producers must register for the Arts Midwest Conference (deadline TBD) and must:

  • a) purchase an exhibit space package; or
  • b) attend with an organization that has purchased an exhibit space package.
    Showcases may only include performances by artists/ensembles that purchased an exhibit space package or are formally represented by a manager/agent with an exhibit space.

Producer and showcasing artists/ensembles are responsible for any necessary licenses or permission to perform, promote, broadcast, transmit, or display any copyrighted works (including, without limitation, music, audio, or video recordings, art, etc.).

Venue options

Most often, showcase artists/producers rent a meeting room in the Conference hotel; others choose an offsite venue near the Conference hotel. These venues may include theaters, clubs, churches, cafés, or other sites. Your choice of venue will depend on availability, you or your artists’ schedules, and the venue’s suitability for your performance and budget needs.

1. JW Marriott Indianapolis

Arts Midwest and the JW Marriott Indianapolis will provide all of the information you need to select a room and start planning an Independent Showcase at the Conference hotel. If you’re interested in producing a showcase room, please contact us to sign up to receive updates in 2018 about availability and the process for reserving a room.

2. Other local venues

Artists and managers are encouraged to explore other venues in Indianapolis, and a list of potential venues will be made available shortly.

View a list of potential local showcase venues.

Group showcasing

Many artists and agents team up to produce a showcase, and it is up to those interested parties to contact one another and explore the possibilities for collaborating on a group showcase. When you register for the Conference, indicate that you’d like more information about connecting with others interested in group showcasing, and we will compile and distribute everyone’s contact information so that you can connect.


Arts Midwest strongly encourages scheduling showcases during the dates and times below, which do not conflict with any official Conference events or programming. The Conference will not promote or publish listings for performances scheduled outside of these times.

2017 Schedule

Monday, August 28, 2017 8:45 p.m.–12:15 a.m. following the Opening Party
Tuesday, August 29, 2017 9:45 p.m.– 12:15 a.m. following Spotlight Showcases
Wednesday, August 30, 2017 9:45 p.m.– 12:15 a.m. following Spotlight Showcases

The 2018 schedule will be available shortly.

Opportunities for promotion

Many showcase producers purchase ad space in Conference onsite print publications as well as using the attendee list they receive in the summer to target their promotional efforts.

For a nominal fee, you can purchase a showcase listing for visibility in:

  • the printed program book
  • the schedule posted on this website
  • the Conference app

Why showcase?

Live performance is an ideal way to give presenters a glimpse of your or your artists’ work in person, showing them something they can’t get from a YouTube video. Independent Showcases offer flexibility in venue, cost, and scheduling options, but producing a successful Independent Showcase requires significant time, planning, and financial and professional resources.

We generally discourage first-time attendees from arranging their own Independent Showcase, unless you’re working with another artist or agent who is familiar with doing so at our Conference. All artists performing in a Conference showcase must purchase exhibit space or be represented by an agency/organization that has done so.