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2020 Independent Showcasing

There is a strong and vibrant culture of independent showcasing at the Conference. This format of back-to-back, short performances allows registered artists, managers, and agents to capitalize on the avid audience of presenters planning their upcoming seasons.

Most showcasing takes place in meeting rooms or ballrooms at the Conference venue, but interested producers have the option to coordinate additional showcases off-site at unique sites nearby.


Showcase producers must register for the 2020 Conference and must purchase an exhibit space package OR attend with an organization that has purchased an exhibit space package by May 14 to ensure availability.

Showcases may only include performances by artists/ensembles that purchased an exhibit space package or are formally represented by a manager/agent with an exhibit space.

Producer and showcasing artists/ensembles are responsible for any necessary licenses or permission to perform, promote, broadcast, transmit, or display any copyrighted works (including, without limitation, music, audio, or video recordings, art, etc.).

Those new to the Arts Midwest Conference or who have not participated in showcasing at previous conferences are strongly encouraged to attend showcases in an observational capacity their first year.


Wednesday, September 9 8:30 p.m.– midnight
Thursday, September 10 9:40 p.m.– midnight
Friday, September 11 9:40 p.m.– midnight

Producing a showcase room

Each year in early March, Arts Midwest contacts past and interested producers and shares details about 8-10 rooms available at the Conference hotel or convention center for independent showcasing. Interested producers who request a room are entered into a lottery that randomly determines the order they can select a room.

Group showcasing

Many artists and agents team up to produce a showcase and it’s up to those interested parties to contact one another and explore the possibilities for collaborating on a group showcase. When attendees register for the Conference they can indicate that they’d like more info about connecting with others interested in group showcasing, and Arts Midwest will compile and distribute everyone’s contact info so that you can connect. Check back here in late March to learn more and sign up for group showcasing.

Showcase listings

The most effective way to get the word out about a showcase is to purchase a listing in which guarantees exposure in the app, as well as print booklets offered to presenters on-site.

Listings will be available for purchase in June, and the deadline to submit is July 16. Additional digital-only listings remain available for purchase through August 11.