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2019 Full Schedule

There are several ways to access the full Conference schedule! All attendees are encouraged to use the Conference app for the most complete and up-to date information.
The contents of the app are also available online for view in your web browser.

Get the app

Even though the app is preferred by many, we’re still committed to offering high-quality take away print items, including numerous varying opportunities for gaining visibility through advertising. Print versions of the following publications are offered to all attendees, who are encouraged to take what they will use.

Program Book

Our anchor publication is offered to attendees when checking in at registration and includes the Conference schedule, maps + floors plans, important attendee info (policies, shuttles, meals), local highlights, and ads for artists, agents, and managers. The book does not include showcase listings or session descriptions.

Showcase Booklet

Offered to presenters, this handy guide to both independent and spotlight showcase contains a complete schedule with descriptions, genre/disciplines, and locations. This information is also available to attendees in the app.

Attendee List

Perfect for jotting down notes during meetings or even saving on your shelf for future reference, the booklet is offered to attendees and includes all of the registered attendees’ public contact. This information is also available to attendees online as Excel files,

Available only to registered attendees. Please contact [email protected] if you are registered and did not receive the link and password.

Booking Calendar

Marketplace Map


All of the full session details and descriptions that are available in the app are also available in this text-only document.

Note: These booklets are available in digital-format only. A limited number of copies may be available upon request at registration.