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Exhibitor Services

Find out what’s included and what’s not included as you prepare to exhibit at the Conference.

What’s included?

  • Full Conference registration for one person
  • Attendee contact information so you can target your pre-Conference marketing
  • Presenter profiles with detailed season, budget, and facility information
  • Full carpeting in exhibit spaces and aisles
  • Display table(s) with black table coverings/draping
  • Wastebasket
  • Standard organization name signage

What’s not included?

These services must be purchased separately using the forms in the Exhibitor Services Kit:

  • Electricity
  • Internet connection
  • Shipping
  • Custom or additional furniture

Exhibitor Services Kit

The Conference decorator will provide an electronic services kit with forms so you can purchase electricity, internet, additional furniture, etc. This kit will be made available in July.

Shipping your exhibit materials

Shipping to the Conference
The Exhibitor Services Kit includes detailed information on where to ship your materials. Depending on when you are shipping your items, you may not be sending your materials directly to the convention center. Contact the Conference decorator with any questions.

Shipping after the Conference
Make your own arrangements for a pick-up at the convention. The decorator will offer freight services on-site if you don’t make prior arrangements, but please note that this will likely be more expensive than typical UPS or FedEx rates.