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Exhibit Options + Pricing

All artists, agents, managers, and vendors attending the Conference to promote yourself, your roster of artists, or a service must purchase or be associated with an exhibit space in order to register and attend.

Updated information for 2019 will be posted shortly.

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Marketplace map + lottery (2018)

The 2018 Marketplace exhibit hall is located at the Indiana Convention Center.

Arts Midwest uses a lottery-based system to assign exhibit space locations for each organization that registers by the exhibitor registration deadline.

Conference staff does its best to accommodate preferred location requests, but ultimately the order in which locations are assigned is completely random regardless of past attendance or how early the registration is submitted. Registering before the exhibitor registration deadline, May 24, provides the best chance at a preferred exhibit type/location.

Certain exhibit space packages have limited availability and are likely to sell out before the exhibitor registration deadline. Register as soon as possible to request a premium or special booth type. In 2017, 96% of the hall sold out during this period. Act now so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote yourself, your roster of artists, or a service at the 2018 Conference.

Certain sponsorship benefit packages include preferred exhibit hall placement.

Exhibit space packages (2018)

Artists, agents, managers, and vendors promoting yourself, your roster of artists, or a service must purchase an exhibit space package, which includes one full Conference registration.

The exhibit hall is now sold out. Information on the waiting list can be found below.

Standard options

Standard full booth 10’w x 10’d $865 Sold out
Standard full booth with 3’h back drape 10’w x 10’d $845 Sold out

Premium options

Premium full booth 10’w x 10’d in premium location $1,165 Sold out
Aisle full booth 10’w x 10’d located on an aisle $955 Sold out

Special options

Wide half booth 10’w x 5’d $655 Sold out
Deep half booth 5’w x 10’d $615 Sold out
Agency Registration* N/A $615 No longer available

Prices for remaining exhibit space packages after July 12 increase by $75.

Fees for additional registrants are available on the registration page.

*Agency Registration is reserved for established artists, agents, and managers who receive business privileges without an exhibit space to display materials. Registrants must have a longstanding history with the Conference, and eligibility is subject to approval. Contact the Conference team to inquire.

**Multiple organizations sharing an exhibit space is discouraged. Booth signage, exhibitor listing, and additional opportunities for promotion can only accommodate one organization name per exhibit space.

Waiting list

When the Marketplace is sold out, the Conference maintains an exhibitor waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list, contact the Conference team. Should space become available, Conference staff will contact organizations to discuss the available space. If the organization chooses to purchase the exhibit space package, they need to register and submit payment as instructed within an established time-frame or the space will be offered to the next organization on the waiting list.