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2019 Accessibility

Arts Midwest believes the exchange of ideas and creative experiences inspires curiosity and understanding, and that inclusion of people of disabilities in our work improves this exchange and is necessary to be a just organization.

We are providing several accessibility accommodations at the conference (listed below). With two-weeks-notice, we can respond to other requests, as needed. If you need or will use accommodations, please mention this in your conference registration form, or contact one of our accessibility coordinators below.

Emily Anderson, [email protected], 612-238-8031
Erin Brueggemann, [email protected], 612-238-8006

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Read more about accessible transportation options within Minneapolis here.

Accessible Parking

The nearest off-street Accessible Parking is available at the Plaza Ramp, across 2nd Avenue from the Convention Center. Find details here.

Public Transportation

If using public transportation, the stop closest to Arts Midwest Conference Activity will be the “2nd Avenue and Convention Center” stop. Use Metro Transit’s Trip Planner for easy door-to-door directions for buses and light-rail trains.

Shuttle Service

Arts Midwest has contracted with a shuttle provider to aid people moving between the various venues where Conference activities will take place. The shuttles start 30 minutes before the off-site events below, and run for the duration of the event. More details can be found in the Program book or the Arts Midwest Conference App. The shuttle is NOT wheelchair/scooter accessible.

Learn more about the various venues and the distances from the Convention Center in the Venue section below .

Accommodations & Access Info

Mobility Aid Rental

The Minneapolis Convention Center’s Visitor information Center has scooters and wheelchairs available for daily use within the Convention Center from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. If you require a rental for longer hours or use outside the building, here are several other providers.

Physical Layout

Here is a map with distances and access items included. Read Activity & Room Descriptions below for physical access in various conference activity spaces. The Minneapolis Convention Center is ADA-compliant. You can read more about accessibility at the Minneapolis Convention Center here (scroll to mid-page).


While Conference guests can talk to any Arts Midwest staff about accessibility and accommodations, the Registration Desk will be the primary location to inquire about accommodations, pick up assisted listening devices, or get information. The desk has information about scooter and wheelchair rental, transportation, and all the accommodations listed here. We are also pleased to hear from you how we can improve our access services.

Open Captioning

Open captioning is provided during the plenary meals and presentations in the Main Ballroom, with text appearing on the large screens at the front of the room, on either side of the stage. This includes Thursday and Friday lunch, and Saturday’s brunch.

Assisted Listening Devices

Assisted listening devices are available at the registration desk for use during professional development sessions. These devices have a microphone that needs to be handed to the presenters to keep at the front of the room.

View the full schedule and publications, including materials in alternate formats.

Activity & Room Descriptions

Here is travel and parking information and visitor services information for the Convention Center.

Minneapolis Convention Center

Marketplace – Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall D is 240 feet wide by 300 feet deep with 30-foot ceilings. It has 8 aisles of 10×10 booths with artist and agent displays and tables. The aisles between the booths are at least 10 feet wide.

There are three lounge areas with armchair and couch seating, one near the front entrances, and two halfway back, in the 200/300 aisle and the 600/700 aisle. There is a Pitch & Professional Development lounge with high tops, low tops, and couch seating located at the back of the hall (furthest from the entrance), with restrooms on either side of this area.

Meeting Rooms

Professional Development sessions and other meetings taking place in meeting rooms will have seating towards the front of the room for people using mobility devices. Chairs are setup individually and moveable. Some meeting rooms are setup in lecture style in rows of armless chairs, while some are setup classroom style with tables. Many of these sessions will employ projected images, and these digital materials will be shared the week after the conference via email. In presentation sessions, speakers will have microphones. In addition, there are assisted listening devices that can be picked up at the Registration Desk.

Lounge A

For those who need a momentary quiet space, there is an area on the second floor between rooms 207 and 209. The facility map notes it as Lounge A (not to be confused with Lounge A inside the exhibit hall).

Nursing Room

There is a room for nursing parents who need a private space. on the second level of the Convention Center located on the back hall near meeting room 202B (next to the elevator and gender neutral restroom). It requires a code. Guests should check at the Visitors Information Center in the Convention Center to get the code and assistance to find the room.

If you would like access to the nursing room, please inquire at the Registration Desk for the location of this private space.


Restrooms are available throughout the center, and gender neutral restrooms are located near Room 101 J and on the second floor near 202B. The facility maps note the restrooms as unisex.

Ballroom A

The ballroom will host three plenary events for all 1000+ attendees, including lunch on Thursday and Friday, and Brunch on Saturday. These will include speakers and performances at the front of the room. There will be open captioning displayed on large screens to the left and right of the stage. Attendees are invited to sit in armless chairs at round tables throughout the room, which can get crowded. If you have limited mobility you can request staff allow you to enter early to find a seat you desire.

Hilton Minneapolis

The Hilton Minneapolis is connected to the Convention Center through a skyway on the second level. Here is a listing of hotel amenities (including accessibility options at the bottom of the page).

Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum is 1.3 miles from from the Convention Center, accessible by bus route or car. There will be a shuttle bus moving people from the Hilton Minneapolis to the Opening Event.

Read more about the Museum’s access accommodations here. If you have questions about accessibility or other needs, please contact Mill City Museum at 612-341-7555 or [email protected].

Pantages Theatre

Spotlight Showcases will take place at the Pantages Theatre, which is 0.9 miles from the Convention Center. There will be a shuttle moving people from the hilton Minneapolis to Spotlight Showcases.

Pantages offer accessible seating in both main floor and balcony seating areas. Accessible seats in the balcony of the Pantages do not require any stairs as they can be accessed by elevator. Contact the box office by phone at 612.339.7007 to make inquiries or special arrangements in advance.

Brit’s Pub

The closing party will be at Brit’s Pub, located 0.3 miles from the Convention Center (approximately 4 blocks from the 2nd Avenue entrance in front of the Ballroom).

Brit’s Pub has several levels with indoor seating, patio seating, and lawn bowling. It has a modern elevator going between levels. Restrooms are on the first floor, and tables are spaced with room for walking or wheeling between them comfortably. Additional questions? Contact them at 612-332-3908 with other questions.