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Exhibiting How-To

Exhibitors host a virtual booth space at the Conference to promote their work, roster, program, or service. Learn more about how 2021 Exhibiting will work, and how to get the most out of your virtual booth!

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Watch our Exhibitor Tutorial

Learn how to build your booth in your booth portal and manage it with your staff during the Conference in this 28 minute tutorial video.


Before the Conference

In mid-August the first batch of Lead Exhibitors will receive an email from Boomset to create a unique pin for their booth portal credentials. These credentials allow you to set up and manage your exhibit. Please save your pin and bookmark the virtual booth portal for ease of accessing it at any time before and during the event. Lead Exhibitors who register after mid-August will receive access on a rolling basis after staff have processed their booth. We appreciate your patience.

On Thursday, September 9, you’ll receive an email from Boomset with early access to your attendee credentials. This link and pin will allow you to get a sneak peek at the attendee view of your exhibit set-up and give you time to familiarize yourself with the Boomset platform.

Additional booth staff will not automatically receive access to the virtual booth portal; lead exhibitors must share the booth portal link with them if they want to grant access.

Please stay tuned for Boomset video tutorials coming soon.


Building and Managing Your Booth

In addition to seeing your leads in your booth on the front end, you can access the Leads section in your virtual booth portal to obtain additional attendee details and export spreadsheets of all of your leads (booth visitors).

  • Please let us know first if you need to change your exhibitor name (organization) and email. Be aware that any previous name you included may have already been posted in the pre-Conference attendee list. In addition to the attendee list, this information will show up on your exhibitor profile and attendees can search by exhibitor name in the Exhibit Hall 2.0.
  • Please disregard the QR code as it’s not relevant for this event.

  • Upload a square, cropped booth logo that will show up in the exhibitor list (You can upload JPG, JPEG, PNG images. Image size must be 400×400. Image should be less than 1MB in size.)
    • Note: The system will force crop the image to the square.
  • Upload a cover video or image that will show up at the top of your virtual booth. This can be a YouTube or Vimeo video. It must be an embedded video link to keep the viewer on the Boomset site. You can change it at any time.
  • Add a company slogan/tagline.
  • Add a brief welcome message. This will be pinned in your booth chat and is what attendees will see when they visit your booth. Example: “Hi! I’m X, this is the type of work I do and I look forward to learning about you. Welcome!”
  • Choose your branding color.

  • Add a description about your organization. The rich text editor allows you to format text and the ability to include links. To include a hyperlink, click on “Code View”, paste the HTML, click on Code View again and hit save. Check out this page for help creating a hyperlink.
  • Make sure your profile is set to be visible so attendees can find you in the exhibit hall.
  • Review and update organization related information visible to attendees (to include searchable tags like discipline, etc.)
  • Add photos, for example artist promo photos (You can upload JPG, JPEG, PNG or SVG images. The image resolution must be less than 15MB in size).
  • Add any additional videos here. For example, a snippet of a live performance. You can embed code or URL link from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.
  • Add any resource docs. For example: artist roster, stage plot, etc.
  • Add to “more” page if you have additional information you want to display, for example a website. You can embed a code or link here.
  • Make sure your booth staff visibility is toggled to “on.” Arts Midwest staff will add your booth staff to your booth, but this step ensures that you and any other staff are visible as booth staff to attendees


During the Conference

To be “in” your booth, simply log in to the Conference (not the virtual booth portal) with your attendee credentials and find your booth in the list of exhibitors.

All booth staff have a “my calendar” for general conference scheduling and an “exhibitor schedule.” “My calendar” is where sessions they add to their schedule will appear. They can manually block off times under “exhibitor schedule” for when they’re not available to meet with booth visitors. It is suggested that booth staff block these times off according to when they’ll be participating in sessions, have other responsibilities, or are generally unavailable. Please note Arts Midwest will block meeting time when all-Conference events are scheduled such as the Explorations plenary presentations.

When an attendee enters your virtual booth, they have three options to connect if they wish. If they connect, it will create a “lead” for your booth. Leads allow you to track details and contact information of those who connect. You can find all leads for your booth under the “Leads” tab for as long as the Conference is open in Boomset.

Here’s the breakdown of lead types:

  • Inquiry: attendees can request to start a private chat with a booth staff and someone currently available can respond. For those who were assigned the lead, they can access it in their personal inbox as well; there’s a separate inbox called “leads.”
  • Connection: attendees can “drop a business card” which works the same as requesting a chat but includes more contact information on the attendee that will be documented in your lead Excel export.
  • Meeting: Attendees can start a 1:1 video call with a particular booth staff, or schedule a future meeting based on the booth staff’s availability. If the booth staff member accepts, a notification will be generated, and it will be added to the attendee’s calendar and the booth staff’s “exhibitor calendar.”

Here’s a snapshot of how leads will show up in your booth


  • As attendees come in and hit “Connect”, they will be assigned automatically to a booth staff who has “Auto-Assign” enabled. You will see any notes the attendee left and be prompted to reach out to them in the booth or Boomset community tab.
  • Booth staff can enable or disable their own and others’ availability to be auto assigned to leads in the “staff” tab in the booth.
  • For those who were assigned the lead, they will get a message in their inbox, so it lights up with a number like any other message. They can also access messages in the booth under “leads” and “View Chat” for the particular conversation.
  • At any time, any booth staff member can click the dropdown under the “Assignee” section to reassign the lead or click on the “View Chat” link to view the conversation. Only the booth staff member assigned to the lead can initially respond to the first connection.
  • There is both group chat and video chat functionality, so any booth staff can click “Join Chat” to join a conversation (however this will not assign the lead to them). If multiple people click on the camera icon, they will be able to hold a group video call directly on the platform. See images below.

  • Regularly refresh the leads tab (not the webpage) to get updates.
  • You can also view how many total booth visitors you had during the Conference, which includes anonymous visitors who did not connect.