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2020 Committees

Committee members play an integral role in guiding programming vision. Thank you to the following committee members for your contribution to the Arts Midwest + WAA 2020 Conference.

Arts Midwest Professional Development Co-Chairs*

Emily Behrmann

Pat Hazell

WAA Professional Development Co-Chairs

Joseph Copley

Cathy Weiss

Professional Development Committee

Emily Behrmann, Carlsen Center at Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS 

Joseph Copley, ODC/Dance, San Francisco, CA 

Christine Cox, C Squared Entertainment, New York, NY  

Tim Dickmeyer, Arts Center at Iowa Western, Council Bluffs, IA  

Antonio Gómez, Tacoma Arts Live, Tacoma, WA  

Pat Hazell, Sweetwood Creative, Austin, TX 

Kristopher McDowell, KMP Artists, Houston, TX  

Heena Patel, MELA Arts Connect, New York, NY & Ahmedabad, India 

Emily Prince, Stuart’s Opera House, Nelsonville, OH  

Charlie Robin, The Capitol Theatre, Yakima, WA  

Francine Sheffield, Sheffield Global Management, Richmond, VA  

Pablo Solís Vega, Independent Agent, Mexico City, Mexico  

Kathleen Spehar, Tallahassee’s Council on Culture and Arts (COCA), Tallahassee, FL  

Cathy Weiss, Del E Webb Center for the Performing Arts, Wickenburg, AZ 

Special thanks to:  

Stacy Braun, Steve Carignan, Ann Chang, Ben Cohen, Elizabeth Crabtree, Darlene Dulitz, Nancy Engen-Wedin, Laurelle Favreau, Karen Goeschko, Mary Jennings, Wendy Kaplan, Jennie Knoebel, Joanne Rile, Lisa Rock, Rina Rossi, Tommy Sar, Chris Williams, and Martin Wollessen.

*Additionally serve as Arts Midwest Conference Co-Chairs

Arts Midwest Panel-Selected Showcase Committee

Michael Burgraff, Leah Keith, Kathryn Maguet, Jennifer Morris, and Aileen Rohwer