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Current ArtsLab Projects

ArtsLab Research & Development

ArtsLab is currently planning peer cohorts for 2020 and beyond, and engaging new voices on our curriculum team. We are actively seeking conversations with leaders who are doing work in rural spaces, doing work around Equity and Inclusion, and interested in developing creative and adaptive capacities of arts organizations and communities. We invite you to reach out to us if this is you.

Building Community and Adaptability 2019

Twelve Minnesota organizations participated in a 6 month program, exploring how to build a healthy business model for their organization, developing a compelling story of identity that, creating goals grounded in a strategic focus, and building equity and inclusion through their work with their community. Read the announcement about the twelve organizations selected for this program.

ArtsLab Iowa 2018

In partnership with the Iowa Arts Council, ArtsLab hosted a cohort with 25 arts organizations across the state of Iowa in 2018. These organizations range in size, discipline, and purpose. Goals of our work together include exploring how relevancy impacts future work and identifying new approaches to build and strengthen relationships; identifying an overall strategic focus that directs organizational energy to address needs and opportunities over the next two to three years.

Learn more about current and upcoming opportunities here.