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December 2010 Spotlight: Pangea World Theater + TeAda Productions

Pangea World Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, presented TeAda Productions in October 2010. This Performing Arts Fund—-supported engagement featured eight full-length public performances of TeAda Productions’ interdisciplinary theater piece Refugee Nation — along with three student-matinee performances and additional in-depth educational activities — for a total of 17 events taking place over a period of two weeks.

November 2010 Spotlight: Grinnell College + Dah Teatar

Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, presented Dah Teatar in October 2010. This Performing Arts Fund—supported engagement featured Dah Teatar, a Serbian theater company formed during the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Dah Teatar presented a public performance of its original production Crossing the Line, based on the book Women’s Side of War, a collection of women’s testimonies about the wars that took place in the former republic of Yugoslavia from 1991 through 1999. The stories describe the suffering of women in war and also capture the courage and strength that they found in overcoming the traumas of war while establishing a normal life. The company’s founding and continuing motto is, “In the contemporary world, destruction and violence can only be opposed by the creation of sense,” and they continue to be advocates for art as a means of social change. They are rigorous about their attention to their craft and have the courage to express difficult content.

Highlighting 25 years of arts programming

Please join us in celebrating 25 years of service to the arts community in the Midwest and beyond! Since 1985, Arts Midwest has grown from...