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2013 End of Year Statistics & Report

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Arts Midwest 2013 Statistics

Arts Midwest 2013 At A Glance

Arts Midwest manages 13 different programs that span artistic disciplines and artistic missions. In 2013 and beyond, we are committed to promoting creativity, nurturing cultural leadership, and engaging people in meaningful arts experiences, bringing vitality to the Midwest and enriching people's lives.


In 2013, Arts Midwest served 1 million people, including 602,137 adults and 397,863 youth in all 50 states through:

  • 1,309 performances
  • 7,915 educational activities
  • 17 visual arts exhibitions
  • 15 film screenings
  • 19 webinars

1,001 people attended our annual performing arts conference this year, including 225 new attendees. 42 people braved the mechanical bull at our Closing Party.

Through our programs, we served 886 different organizations.

We presented 239 international artists in the Midwest through our programs. Those artists spoke 19 different languages and collectively traveled 239,585 miles. That's like 9 trips around the earth!

To bring those international artists to the United States, we spent 225 hours preparing artist visas and submitted 482 pages worth of paperwork.

Online Presence

Arts Midwest has 2,912 Facebook fans, 1,747 Twitter followers, and 19,617 views on YouTube. Our Facebook fans increased this year by 34%, and our Twitter followers increased by 21%.
In 2013, our website served up pages for 830,964 unique visitors, and we wrote 109 blog posts this year.


Arts Midwest has 22 staff members who hail from 19 different states. Out of those 22, one is an opera singer!

This year, staff members collectively:

  • ate 60 tubs of hummus during a month-long fundraising campaign
  • read 259 books
  • drank 72 pounds of coffee
  • attended 395 arts events this year
  • played 40 kazoos during staff birthday parties


Arts Midwest has 21 board members who represent 15 different cities across the Midwest. Our board met three times this year, and collectively they have attended 858 arts events. In total, these board members have contributed 129 years of service to our state arts agencies.


Our total revenue this year was $7,318,165 and our expenses totaled $7,310,463. 89% of our expenses were spent on programs, with a low 11% being used for administration costs.

In 27 of the past 28 years, we've operated in the black--including remaining fiscally sound during the Great Recession.

Arts Midwest donors live in 23 different states, and those donors and supporters have made 9,256 arts experiences possible this year.

We'd like to extend one giant thank you to all of our supporters for helping to make it happen!