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Act now for the arts!

500 Minnesota arts advocates gather for a photo at the Minnesota History Center before meetings with government officials
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts gathered arts advocates at the Minnesota History Center before heading out to meet our representatives. Photo by Scott Streble, courtesy of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

Don’t be afraid to sound your voice for the important issues—including advocating for the arts and all forms of creative expression!

Last week, Arts Midwest staff members gathered in Minnesota’s capital to make sure our state and local representatives know that creative expression matters to Minnesotans. Some of us participating in advocacy for the first time were welcomed by more than 1,000 other passionate arts advocates in Saint Paul for Arts Advocacy Day, an annual event guided by Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

If you’ve never engaged in any kind of advocacy, now is your chance to really make an impact—and it’s easier than you think! To prove it to you, we’ve mined the plethora of resources out there and gathered a few simple essential guides to launch you on your way. No matter where you live, there are simple ways to engage your government officials or neighbors in informed conversations about the importance of creativity in the lives of every individual and in all communities.

Talking points

Five essential arguments for the arts —the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies said it best in this guide to conversations about why public funding for the arts is so vital.

Find your officials

Share a personal story with your government officials on how the arts impact your life. Americans for the Arts will help you find your officials and draft a quick email.

Know the facts

Another stellar resource, our friends at the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies laid out the facts to squash the fiction.