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Arts Midwest Welcomes New CFO and Managing Editor

Arts Midwest is thrilled to welcome our two newest staff members: Michelle Cooper, Chief Financial Officer, and Angela Zonunpari, Managing Editor!

A member of the Arts Midwest senior leadership team, Michelle will support Arts Midwest’s scaling and continued growth as a thought partner and strategic advisor. She will provide day-to-day and strategic impact on company operations, providing financial analysis and guiding short- and long-term planning.

As Managing Editor, Angela will oversee a dynamic new multimedia initiative launching in Fall 2022 that will source and share stories celebrating arts, creativity, and culture in the Midwest and the Native Nations within that geography.

Both Michelle and Angela are also the first Arts Midwest staff members based in their respective states; Michelle is a lifelong Michigander, and Angela is based in South Dakota. Welcome to the team, Angela and Michelle!

Michelle Cooper

Michelle is forward-thinking and innovative finance and operational leader with a strong commitment to assisting non-profits with thinking strategically about financial capacity, with over 20 years of experience in administrative, financial, and operations leadership and management, including 15+ years in the nonprofit sector. As Chief Financial Officer of Arts Midwest, her primary focus is to ensure financial sustainability (short and long-term), and oversight of financial systems and strategies. Prior to joining Arts Midwest, Michelle worked throughout Southeast Michigan, in financial and operational leadership roles, in a variety of non-profit organizations, including Cultural Institutions, Child Welfare, and Health & Human Services Agencies.

Angela Zonunpari

Angela Zonunpari is a South Asian (northeast India) immigrant writer and artist living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She has spent the last 10 years working in journalism, advertising, public relations, and community outreach which informs the story curation she’ll be doing as Arts Midwest’s Managing Editor. Coming from a small tribal community, she has been drawn to deep storytelling and capturing processes and ideas in the making of art and community. Her interdisciplinary practice includes texts and textiles. She is led by the intention of creating interactions between people; people and ideas; people and art. To explore her areas of interest, Zonunpari currently produces a limited-run, artist-made arts and culture publication called No Business Magazine.