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Arts Midwest welcomes two new Program Managers

As Arts Midwest continues our work in the grants and programs space, we are thrilled to add two incredible new Program Managers to our team. We’d like to give a warm welcome to Holly Doll and Crystal Celeste Price, who will oversee initiatives that center creativity, equity, capacity building, and community building!

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Holly Doll

Holly Doll, Anpao Win (First Light Woman) (she/her) lives in Mandan, North Dakota and is an enrolled citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Holly has a background of 10+ years in nonprofit work and cultural education and 5 years in equitable grantmaking. Most importantly, Holly is an artist, specializing in traditional Lakota forms of beadwork and quillwork, modern painting with watercolor, and occasionally writing poetry. Her mother taught from the age of two everything she knows when it comes to art, and she has kept it up ever since. She is a lover of Halloween, astrology, fall scented candles, poetry, baking, fiction books, and crying over Pixar movies. Lives by this quote by spoken word poet Shane Koyczan: “If we ever become who we hope we are, it is because we see how far there is still to go. And if we are none of these things to everyone, then we are none of these things at all.”

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Crystal Celeste Price

Crystal Celeste Price is mixed-Mexican, growing up in rural Minnesota and some summers in Northeastern Mexico with her little sister, Mexican mother, and European descent father. She comes from a family of makers & entrepreneurs that have encouraged her to create throughout her life. Leading with humility and a spirit of collaboration, she has worked in youth development & arts-based education for 10+ years in Bucheon, South Korea, Talamanca, Costa Rica and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her creative work centers relationships, growth and intuition. She deepens the impact and sustainability of the projects and initiatives she pursues through reflective evaluation and process-based learning. She is also a metalsmith & enamelist, selling her works and teaching workshops. She is currently teaching a copper enamel jewelry class at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center in Minneapolis, and is excited to be part of the Arts Midwest team.