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Arts Midwest Launches Ideas Hub

Arts Midwest is excited to announce the launch of the Ideas Hub, a collection of free curated resources and tools that help arts leaders foster growth within their organizations. The Ideas Hub connects busy professionals with experts in artistic programming; communications; leadership and culture; diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility; fundraising; strategy; community engagement; and more.

The Ideas Hub is designed for nonprofit leaders who want to go beyond the day-to-day operations of their organization to build a sustainable future. Inspired by our ArtsLab curriculum, articles in the Ideas Hub make work easier by simplifying complex concepts, sharing real-life examples, and providing the framework turning ideas into reality.

“Nonprofits across the Midwest do incredible work to drive impact in their communities,” said Torrie Allen, President & CEO of Arts Midwest. “The Ideas Hub is meant to help keep this momentum going by offering free and accessible tools that help creative organizations grow.”

Access to the Ideas Hub is completely free and does not require a subscription or membership thanks to the generous support of the McKnight Foundation.


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Recent Ideas Hub Articles

5 Ways to Strengthen Arts Marketing

Author: Arts Midwest

The effectiveness of your marketing depends on understanding what motivates people to take action. This article suggests five actionable ways, with data-driven examples, to enhance your marketing and communications to support your mission.

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Creating an Accessibility Plan for Your Arts Organization

Author: Scott Artley

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act can feel daunting if you’re just starting out, but it only takes a little time, training, and creativity to get started on this journey.  Use this tool from Scott Artley to kickstart the process.

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Strengthening Your Next Community Engagement Project

Author: Forecast Public Art

If you want greater community involvement in your next project but are unsure of how to get started, you’re not alone! And you shouldn’t be working alone either. This article from Forecast Public Art walks you through how to plan and strengthen your community engagement.

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Engaging and Supporting Creativity with Elders

Author: Anne Basting

By 2040, 21% of the US population will be people over 65. As the population of older adults grows, so does the need for dynamic and tailored programming. This article from Anne Basting sparks ideas to creatively engage elders in arts and culture programming.

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Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements

Author: Native Governance Center

Land acknowledgment statements usually focus on recognizing the Indigenous past, present, and future of a location. Use this resource from Native Governance Center to go beyond a statement and develop an action plan.

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Storytelling as a Fundraising Tool

Author: Ignited Fundraising

Using storytelling in your fundraising is the single most powerful way to connect people to your mission and raise more money. Follow this framework for finding, crafting, and sharing a story that will give supporters a feeling of empathy.

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Mission/Money Matrix

Author: Propel Nonprofits

Do you wish you had a visual tool that plots all of your organization’s activities—not just its programs—in a single, compelling image? This resource from Propel Nonprofits will walk you through how to make your own Mission/Money Matrix.

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