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4Ground: Midwest Land Art Biennial

Franconia Sculpture Park in partnership with Arts Midwest & International Sculpture Center, is launching 4Ground: Midwest Land Art Biennial — a far-reaching initiative spanning four states and tribal lands of the Upper Midwest.

Scheduled to take place Summer 2022, this site-specific festival will raise awareness around important land and water issues while celebrating the art and land of the rural Midwest. Presented and planned in collaboration with tribal organizations, art museums, and land conservationists from the public and private sector, 4Ground is designed to boost tourism of the region through suggested road trips to experience site-specific land art created by renowned contemporary artists and community-based collectives.

Franconia Tablet (Dedicated to the memory of George Floyd). Installation by Don Edler, courtesy of Franconia.

Raising awareness around land, water, and cultural issues

Artists’ work will be grounded in a feminist, indigenous perspective, drawing on the 10,000+ year tradition of Native land art. 4Ground will take place across North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, and will include public programs to activate each site throughout June, July and August of 2022 with some of the foremost thinkers and creators of the land art movement.

All works will serve to punctuate the landscape, encouraging people to look—and ultimately see—more. Visitors will experience the Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin, the scenic bluffs of the St. Croix Valley region dividing Wisconsin and Minnesota, and the sprawling prairies, fertile farmland, and glacial lakes dominating most of the region, including a site-specific sound installation amidst floating islands. Virtual components will guide viewers through the history of the land and people that have inhabited the Upper Midwest for thousands of years, highlighting some of the oldest natural land formations in the United States created by receding glaciers. Print and online materials will also raise awareness of historic land art created by Native peoples in the region, some of which will be temporarily recreated by artists participating in 4Ground.

Open call for proposals

All sites will be confirmed by October 2021, and a complete list of participating artists, projects, and locations will be announced in March 2022. While many works will be selected by invitation, 4Ground is also launching an Open Call for proposals for select sites from October 15 – December 15, 2021. Visit 4Ground for more information and project updates.

About Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park is the pre-eminent, artist-centered sculpture park in the Midwest. Founded in 1996, Franconia’s mission is to foster an inclusive community to create and contemplate contemporary art inspired by nature and our ever-evolving world. Located on the stolen Dakota lands of the Wahpekute in Mni Sota Makoce in the scenic St. Croix River Valley, Franconia operates a 50-acre outdoor museum, active artist residency programs, and more than 60 public and educational programs each year serving nearly 200,000 annual visitors.