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Connect at Identity-Based Conversations

Looking to connect with a community of peers who share your identity? At this year’s online gathering we’re creating intentional safe space for historically marginalized voices to connect and learn from one another.

Illustration by Simone Martin-Newberry

What can I expect?

Identity-based conversations are gathering spaces dedicated to only those who self-identity as members of the identity group. All other Conference programming is public and open to registered attendees.

  • Conversations will be facilitated by attendees who self-identify as members of the identity group.
  • Conversations will NOT be recorded.
  • Allies will respectfully be asked to leave if they join these sessions. 

As a Conference team, we acknowledge that attendees have multiple identities and recognize the imperfect nature of programming these conversations concurrently. Identity-based conversations are fluid and should attendees who self-identify with multiple groups be interested in moving from one conversation to another, they are welcome to do so.

Monday, September 20 | 3:30-4:15pm Central

  • Black Voices facilitated by Jainelle Robinson, Community Engagement Officer, ArtOps & Leslie Thomas, Principal Consultant, Leslie A. Thomas Enterprises
  • Indigenous Voices facilitated by Andre Bouchard, Executive Creative Producer, Indigenous Performance Productions
  • People with Disabilities facilitated by Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President/Founding Artistic Director, Dancing Wheels Company
  • Students facilitated by Mariana Cameli, MBA Candidate, Bolz Center for Arts Administration & Rebecca Buckman, Interim Co-Director, Bolz Center for Arts Administration

Tuesday, September 21 | 2:45-3:30pm Central

  • Latinx Voices facilitated by Aileen Pagán-Rohwer, Executive Director, Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates & Director, Riverfolk Music & Arts
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Voices facilitated by Michelle Fujii, Co-Director, Unit Souzou & Christine Her, Executive Director, ArtForce Iowa
  • LGBTQ+ facilitated by David Mack, Executive Director, Invertigo Dance Theatre


New: ‘Self-Represented Artist Coffee Hour’

Are you a self-represented artist or interested in getting to know self-represented artists? Start your morning with this 30-minute facilitated coffee hour and learn how your colleagues are navigating challenges and finding opportunities within the current touring landscape. Wednesday, September 22, 10-10:30am CT.

For a full list of Workshops, Conversations, and Explorations, visit our programming page.