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Workshops That Build Back Better

At this year’s online Conference, we’re talking about building back better. Check out five highlighted workshops that are all about building a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable touring landscape.

Panelists at the 2018 Arts Midwest Conference. Photo: Terry Gilliam

This year we’re using new terms to give you an idea of the different ways we’ll engage online:

  • Conversations are facilitated, interactive discussions with plenty of opportunities for attendee participation and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Workshops are moderated panel discussions featuring peer leaders and field experts.
  • Explorations are keynote discussions with field leaders exploring the most pressing questions for our field today and into the future.

For a full list of Workshops, Conversations, and Explorations, visit our programming page.


Workshop Highlights

People First: How to Create Equitable Workplaces

Monday, September 20

How does the arts and culture sector create a more sustainable workforce in the years to come? What steps can employers take to prevent burnout and to create an attractive, supportive work culture? This workshop will feature a discussion with arts and culture leaders on implementing progressive organizational policies, including power sharing and pay equity models, and other practices to encourage staff well-being. Plan to attend with your colleagues and leave with resources and a framework to continue the conversation at your organization.

Moderated by Sunny Widmann (NAS) and featuring Zoë Charlton (The Blacksmiths), Jeffreen M. Hayes (Threewalls), David McGraw (Elon University), and Anh Thu Pham (Theater Mu)

Imagining Digital Education Engagements 2.0: Big Questions and Best Practices

Monday, September 20

After over a year of digital educational engagements, presenters, artists, and agents have all learned a lot. Presenters are reaching new audiences who had previously been unable to come in person due to location, budget, weather, and who knows what else. Artists are finding innovative ways of creating and capturing their work. Educators have the chance to engage even deeper with material over a long period of time. But big questions remain. What are the best marketing tools? How does digital live alongside in-person performances? What best practices can we share as we move from survival to sustainable programming?

Moderated by Sarah Saltwick (Holden & Arts Associates) and featuring Daniel Hahn (Playhouse Square), Nambi E. Kelley (JABARI DREAMS OF FREEDOM), and Joe Murchison (Step Afrika!)

Strengthening Your Fundraising During a Crisis

Tuesday, September 21

As we navigate reopening and transitioning into presenting live events, how are venues diversifying fundraising strategies? What does fundraising look like during a time of economic uncertainty? Learn from field experts about strategies you can implement today. This workshop will explore how to re-engage and building relationships with new donors, approaches to planned giving, and how to utilize technology to sustain your budget and future.

Moderated by Rishard Allen (Graduate Student, M.A. in Philanthropic Studies, IUPUI) and featuring JD Beiting (Benefactor Group), Ernest Disney-Britton (Arts Council of Indianapolis), Anna Pruitt (Giving USA, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy) Jessie Veeder Scofield (Long X Arts Foundation)

Beyond Ramps and Captions: Designing for Accessibility & Inclusion

Tuesday, September 21

Explore how to move beyond ADA checkboxes and regulations to reframe disability inclusion as an institutional value and practice across artistic programming, infrastructures, and organizational culture (i.e. business as usual). This session will provide a foundation of philosophy and language, considerations for inclusive design, and tangible strategies for organizations to put into practice—no matter where they are on their current journey of accessibility and inclusion.

Presented by Diane Nutting (Accessibility & Inclusion Consultant)

Global to Local: New Models for Virtual & Hybrid Residencies

Wednesday, September 22

From Helsinki to New York Mills, and São Paulo to Menomonie, how can we create meaningful connection and arts experiences between international ensembles and Midwestern communities? Can residencies accomplish rich cultural exchange while also decreasing our carbon footprint? In this workshop, Arts Midwest’s International team invites Folkefest and World Fest artists and community partners to share their experience crafting arts connections during the pandemic. We’ll use these examples as case studies for how virtual and hybrid models can inform and create a more sustainable touring industry. Learn how you might bring this work to your community, too!

Moderated by Katie Ortman (Arts Midwest) and featuring Jerry (Chiwei) Hui (University of Wisconsin-Stout), Paulo Padilha (Paulo Padilha e Bando), Betsy Roder (New York Mills Regional Cultural Center), and Anna Wegelius (Kardemimmit).

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