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Arts Midwest Reports a 413% Return on Member States' Investments

MINNEAPOLIS – Today, Arts Midwest announced the results of its FY20 activities with the nine partner states in the Midwest region. Each year, Arts Midwest strategically leverages state investments to provide a positive return — delivering grants, services, professional development activities, and artistic programming to communities across the region.

This year, our nine partners invested $366,345 in Arts Midwest, which we turned into more than $1,928,743 million in programs and services for an overall return on investment of 413%. The reports below detail Arts Midwest’s partnership with each state in fiscal year 2020.

State Arts Midwest Investment State Dues ROI Report
Illinois $274,445 $66,200 315% Download PDF
Indiana $202,533 $38,825 422% Download PDF
Iowa $204,466 $25,000 718% Download PDF
Michigan* $262,438 $70,000 267% Download PDF
Minnesota* $312,981 $34,620 678% Download PDF
North Dakota $81,970 $14,912 450% Download PDF
Ohio $258,833 $64,242 316% Download PDF
South Dakota $153,905 $16,198 850% Download PDF
Wisconsin $177,172 $36,348 387% Download PDF
TOTAL $1,928,743 $366,345 413%

*In addition to partnering with Arts Midwest on state dues, in FY20, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Minnesota State Arts Board gave Arts Midwest grants of $5,518 and $43,788, respectively, to support special projects in the state. Those grants have been accounted for in calculating the Return on Investment amounts shared above.

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