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How Art Week Des Moines and Honeywell Foundation are connecting to their audiences virtually

As we practice social distancing, we continue to seek ways to be together, apart. From tech tips you can use to inspirational examples of creative community-led programming, access some new ideas from our partners at Art Week Des Moines and the Honeywell Foundation.

Art Week Des Moines

During an ordinary year, Art Week Des Moines would have over seventy events curated by the community. The recipe for this annual event is simple: community creativity. Even though in-person events, like the epic Exaggerated and Even Slower Parade weren’t possible this year, event organizer Rachel Buse and her community were up for the creative challenge. Art Week Des Moines met the moment by leveraging their local assets in new and inventive ways. (hint: horns are the new applause and yards are the new gallery). Watch the webinar to hear Rachel share highlights from the week and nerd out to her technical advice on how anyone can pull off virtual programming on the cheap.

Tips & Tricks from Art Week Des Moines (17:00 in recording)

  • Put pre-recorded content on live stream and a schedule so that it feels like more of an event. You must “fake-make” a happening. When people can put in on their calendars, there is more of a push to attend and watch.
  • Focus on a couple of platforms so that it is easier to create a virtual community, answer questions, and provide a central hub for users to find content. Streaming to too many places can dilute your audience.

Want to go deeper?

Check out these quick links taking you deeper into Rachels’ creative ecosystem, including programming ideas, artist inspiration, and tech tips

The Exaggerated and Even Slower Parade at the 2019 Art Week Des Moines

Honeywell Foundation

2020 was going to be the year that the Honeywell Foundation unveiled their recently renovated venue, Eagles Theatre. Then COVID-19 happened. Like so many performing arts organizations, Honeywell shifted almost all their programming online (except for their drive-in, which is busier than ever). Listen in to the webinar to hear Honeywell’s Director of Education, Teresa Galley, share her tips and tricks (34:55 in recording) for developing and promoting engaging virtual content.

Tips & Tricks from Honeywell Foundation (53:25 in recording)

For all virtual programming, pre-recorded or live:

  • Always have at least two hosts set up on different internet networks (hard wired when possible).
  • Production is key. Test early and often. Script it out and assign roles. This isn’t solo work!
  • Personalize your space to create an engaging (but not distracting) background.
  • Be creative and leverage the new opportunity! Everyone is doing this now so set yourself a part.
  • Leverage partnerships to promote your programs to new audiences. You worked hard so share broadly!

Looking for more educational resources?

Check out Honeywell at Home to see how they developed educational programming and supported their local schools.

Teresa Galley, Honeywell Foundation’s Director of Education, presents a Honeywell at Home activity featuring the book Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

“ Use what you have and borrow what you don’t.”
- Teresa Galley, Honeywell Foundation