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Application Advice: Artistic Director and Education Director Statements

Performance of Twelfth Night. Photo courtesy of Barter Theatre.

Preparing your grant application for Shakespeare in American Communities can be overwhelming. We’re here to help! Over the next few months, we’ll tackle some of the trickier components of the application, providing our advice based on years of experience reviewing applications and compiling panelist feedback.

Application Component: Artistic Director and Education Director Statements

Description of production vs. Artistic director’s statement.
Description of related educational activities vs. Education/program director’s statement.

What’s the difference between the descriptions and the statements? What should be the difference? There is some nuance here that can be difficult to unpack. And depending on the size of your organization, perhaps the same person is writing the descriptions and the statements. Or perhaps the Artistic Director or Education Director have very little involvement in the grant application and are unsure how to approach writing their statements. Our biggest piece of advice is this: Make it personal.

Quick tips:

  • Make the statements personal. The panelists want to hear the real perspectives of the Artistic Director and Education Director. This is the directors’ chance to show their passion for the company, the production, the educational outreach. Why do they care about this work? What excites them about the programming or production?
  • Avoid re-using content from other parts of the application…unless it’s intentional. The panelists will have already read the descriptions of the production and educational activities. They will start to notice repetitive words and phrases throughout your application. If there is repetition, make sure it’s intentionally used to highlight important ideas or themes.
  • Limit each statement to one page.
  • Answer the questions we provide as guidance on the Prepare your Application page. This may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the basics. The questions we have supplied are intended to provide a framework but should not limit the statements’ contents.
  • Put the statements on your company’s letterhead. While this is not required, letterhead makes it seem just a little more official. We ask that these statements are uploaded as PDFs, so the formatting, logos, signatures, etc., will remain intact.

Keep an eye on Shakespeare News for more application advice.

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