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Community explores storytelling with Snap Judgment Podcast

Photo courtesy of Snap Judgment.

Indianapolis, IN – Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, connection, and entertainment. It paved the way for what we think of today as the performing arts. These days, many artists are going back to humanity’s roots and reintroducing the art of storytelling through a relatively new medium: podcasts. Snap Judgment is one of those podcasts, and it tours with live shows to share its “storytelling…with a beat.” Clowes Memorial Hall (CMH) at Butler University hosted one of those live shows in November 2018, as part of the Arts Midwest Touring Fund.

CMH staff spent the weeks leading up to the event connecting with the community to explore the art of storytelling. They tapped into the expertise of other local organizations, such as Sapphire Theatre Company and Arts for Learning, to expand their own knowledge and learn how to best teach storytelling to others.

As a result, CMH’s Education Manager, Donna Rund, worked with local students at North Decatur Elementary School to explore how to use the voice and the body to tell stories.

There were also educational events surrounding the performance itself. Before Snap Judgment’s performance, Sapphire Theatre Company led a discussion to prepare the audience for what they were about to see and experience.

Glynn Washington performs at Clowes Memorial Hall with Snap Judgment LIVE. Photo courtesy of Butler Arts Center.

At the show, the podcast’s host, Glynn Washington, and the various storytellers treated the audience to powerful personal stories mixed with live music. One attendee noted, “[This] was an artful way to express a point of view and invite others to step into the shoes of their neighbors. It was unique, refreshing and like nothing else I’ve ever seen.”

“[This] was an artful way to express a point of view and invite others to step into the shoes of their neighbors.”
—Audience member

Mr. Washington held a question and answer session from the stage after the show’s conclusion. Many students from Butler University, particularly the University’s MFA in Creative Writing program, stayed to ask a variety of questions about the creative process, podcasting, and the use of music in storytelling. Students were encouraged to “think outside the box.”

That idea resonated with CMH staff, as well. They noted, “In presenting Snap Judgment LIVE, [we] thought outside the box with promising results…Response from the audience was wildly positive, and [we] look forward to presenting Snap Judgment again in the future.”

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