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Arts Midwest names Joseph Keegan as CFO

Congratulations to Joseph Keegan on his promotion to Chief Financial Officer for Arts Midwest!

Joe first joined Arts Midwest as senior accountant in 2012 and, as he expanded his professional knowledge and skills, he has also grown Arts Midwest’s financial acumen and resiliency over the past six years.

At the helm of a strong team, and in close collaboration with our Board’s treasurer and CEO, Joe provides strategic oversight of Arts Midwest’s complex financial functions. He is regarded for driving evolution and process improvements, while offering careful stewardship of our resources.

Joe brings an attitude of inquiry and a commitment to social good to his work, and it’s clear that Arts Midwest’s programs are stronger for his contributions to our business model and our organizational culture.

Speaking of contributing to our organizational culture, Joe may be the only staff member to play fantasy football—a pastime he enjoys greatly, even though he admits he’s not very good. (You could have fooled us, Joe!)