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Arts Midwest Folkefest in Washington, Iowa

As we prepare for the upcoming year of tours with 2017–2019 Arts Midwest Folkefest, we’re also looking back at the second tour featuring the band Kardemimmit from Finland.

After visiting Lotus Blossoms in Bloomington, Indiana, the band traveled to their next stop through a snowstorm—which became a regular theme thanks to the quirky weather during this spring tour! Showing true sisu, a Finnish term for resilience and determination, the band powered on to start their week in Washington, Iowa, from March 25–31, 2018.

And what a fantastic week! Kardemimmit shared their music with audiences of all ages throughout Washington and surrounding communities. During and after presentations, audiences got a chance to ask questions and interact with the ensemble.

After a workshop with music students at Washington High School, curious musicians came up to ask questions and learn about the kantele up close. All photos by Stephen Manuszak.

Band students learned to play an entirely new, unfamiliar instrument during an improvisational music class at Washington High School.

Even kindergarteners at Saint James Catholic School in Washington got to ask Kardemimmit about their music and about life in Finland.

After their workshop at Washington Middle School, a group gathered around Kardemimmit to ask questions and take photos together.

Pre-schoolers got to try a kantele during a workshop at United Presbyterian Home Health Center.

And elders at United Presbyterian Home Health Center also got a chance to play a kantele.