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Share your courageous ideas

Professional Development at the 2016 Conference in Milwaukee. Photo by Joshua Feist.

We know there are a ton of creative projects percolating out there. It can take years for a concept to turn into a reality, but at this year’s Arts Midwest Conference we’re making space for sharing your dream work—even if there’s lots of runway left before it launches.

Whether you’re a presenter, an artist, or an agent/manager, we want to hear what you’re starting to work on. We’re calling for courageous and aspirational pitches about future projects, performances, collaborations, and residencies.

Read on to hear about our two separate pitch opportunities.

Submit your pitch for one or both opportunities by August 1

Pitch Session: 3 Minutes, 2 Risers, 1 Mic

Friday, September 7, 2018, 2:00–2:30 p.m.
Indiana Convention Center

This session will be fast-paced and creative, and the selection criteria is intentionally open-ended. These pitches will take place in the exhibit hall, not a ballroom or meeting room, and this is one of several programs Arts Midwest is introducing in 2018 to encourage attendees to engage and connect with each other in new ways.


  • Selected participants receive three minutes, an open stage, a single microphone, and an audience of colleagues to share your aspirational pitch.
  • No tech is provided.
  • Props and instruments are limited to what can be carried by a single person as they take the stage.
  • The allotted time does not include extra set-up or take down, so be creative but we encourage limiting the number of people or props involved.

Selection Criteria

  • We’re simply going to draw names out of a hat. Why? Randomizing the selection process helps provide a platform for new voices and fresh perspectives.

Submit your pitch by August 1

Project Pitches for the Courageous

Saturday, September 8, 2018, 8:00–9:30 a.m.
Indiana Convention Center

Designed to offer a more in-depth understanding of the selected projects with time for discussion, these curated pitches comprise a variety of diverse and courageous projects.


  • Pitch slots are 7-minutes, plus 3-minutes for feedback and Q/A (10-minutes total).
  • A maximum of 2 individuals may participate in each slot.
  • Tech for slides is provided (no audio or video), and slides must be submitted in advance.

Selection Criteria

  • Ideal projects should include one or more of the following: challenging content, special focus, technical specialties, unique spaces, politically charged content, out-of-the box planning, or increased resource requirements.
  • Arts Midwest staff and session moderator, Todd Wetzel, assistant vice provost for student life at Purdue University, will review proposals and determine the final collection of pitches.
  • Projects may be discipline specific or multi-disciplinary and may include site-specific work designed for non-traditional performing arts venues.
  • Projects should have been recently conceived or created and developed to the point that it will be ready to tour as early as September 2020 and beyond.

Submit your pitch by August 1

“We need your courage. It’s going to be risky and will require vulnerability. A posture of empathy and curiosity will empower you. And above all, you must take action.” – Ashely C. Ford, 2018 Arts Midwest Conference Keynote Speaker