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Kardemimmit at Lotus Blossoms

Before Kardemimmit began their 2018 Arts Midwest Folkefest spring tour, the ensemble spent a week in Indiana doing interactive performances and workshops through an artist residency program called Lotus Blossoms, hosted by the Lotus Education & Arts Foundation. We are excited to share the work and programming of our partners in Indiana, and stay tuned for more stories from Kardemimmit’s spring tour with Arts Midwest Folkefest in Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota!

Watch the video below to learn more about Lotus Blossoms (this video features music from Kardemimmit, “Origin of Fire”):

“We are so grateful for their openness to embrace our region through all these various forms of engagement. Lotus Blossoms is about making connections with other people and Kardemimmit inspired many of our underserved communities in Southern Indiana. We are able to make these sorts of programs possible through powerful partnerships through Arts Midwest. ” – Loraine Martin, Lotus Outreach Director

“Lotus Blossoms is all about making the world a better place by inviting dialogue, by building bridges, and by inspiring human connections that transcend geography, religion, language, and skin color. These connections now seem more vital than ever, especially for our young people.” – Sunni Fass, Lotus Executive Director