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Support for professional performing artists in your community

“Support from the Arts Midwest Touring Fund impacts our organization’s ability to present world-class professional artists right here in our own backyard and allowed the Center to fulfill its mission of providing cultural enrichment to our community.”
Darke County Center for the Arts, Greenville, OH

Terence Blanchard’s post-Q&A with University of Iowa music and cinema students. Photo by Miriam Alarcon Avila, courtesy of Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa.

It’s almost Spring in the Midwest region and the application deadline for the Arts Midwest Touring Fund is April 25, 2018. Throughout my numerous years directing this program, I continue to enjoy reading the applications and learning more about the professional performing artists that will tour in the region. It’s a time when we get a glimpse into what organizations are planning for the upcoming season and all the great community activities planned from music clinics with jazz musicians to week-long residencies with professional dancers and students to discussions about the art form that further prepare audiences for the performance.

The great thing about this program is an organization’s engagement only needs to meet four requirements to apply. Our goal is to streamline the application process. If you only have a letter of intent with the artist/ensemble that’s fine. And, we will not ask for a budget at this time. Prepare your application, have everything ready to go, then select the Apply Now button to input the information and upload documents. You can always call me, Christy Dickinson (612.238.8019), or Ellen DeYoung (612.238.8028), if you have any questions. We are here to provide guidance to your organization and answer any questions you may have about the guidelines.

The goal of the program is to provide your community with the experience of seeing and interacting with a professional, touring performing artist/ensemble who resides outside of your state or the United States. Are you interested in knowing what type of engagements of been supported? Check out the Engagement Spotlights or view the 2017-2018 supported engagements in this Google map.

“Without the support from Arts Midwest, we would have done a straightforward presentation without additional residency activities.
This support meant that Reggie Wilson Fist and Heel Performance Group was able to have a real impact in our community, through sustained engagement with our own students, patrons, and Chicago public high school students. We are very grateful!”
Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago, IL