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Facebook Survey Results

Recently, Arts Midwest surveyed our friends on Facebook to see what people thought about our page and how they were using it.

We were thrilled to receive 42 responses and wish to thank everyone who participated in the survey! While we plan to incorporate your feedback over the coming year in our social media plans, we also wanted to share some of the results with you right away.

Of those that responded, 60% rated our Facebook page as “good” while 21% rated it as “excellent” and 19% rated it as just “okay.”

One of the most surprising metrics for us was how frequently people would like us to post on Facebook. A majority indicated that frequent posts (3-4 times per week) was preferable.

How frequently should Arts Midwest post on Facebook?

We also asked people where they were coming from—how did they know Arts Midwest? Most of our Facebook fans are simply people who live in the Midwest and who love the arts.

What is your relationship with Arts Midwest?

In terms of content, art events, art industry news, and articles about arts management rose to the top of the list of things our fans were most interested in.

I wish Arts Midwest would post more...

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the survey – we are happy to have such a vibrant and diverse community of friends on Facebook!