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Creative Response Fund

Arts Midwest is partnering with the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy of the City of Minneapolis to disburse grant funds awarded for creative community healing.

What is the Creative Response Fund?

The City of Minneapolis has approved 10 projects for urgently needed artist-led creative healing in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police and the subsequent community uprisings. The Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy responded by repurposing grant resources provided by the Kresge Foundation to the Creative CityMaking program. The aim of this project is to mobilize the unique and specialized skills of artists and designers to engage with and expand the impact of healing and community support. The 10 selected projects will be led by current and former Creative CityMaking artists as they respond to this historic moment in Minneapolis. These grant dollars also recognize the unpaid labor of artists and designers as they respond to multiple health and racism emergencies to support community needs. The first funding priority was given to Black artists working with communities who have historically experienced the stress and trauma of racial discrimination.

What is Creative CityMaking?

Creative CityMaking is a program of the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy that brings artists and City of Minneapolis staff together to stimulate innovative thinking and form new practices to create a more responsive government. Creative CityMaking addresses racial inequities by cultivating meaningful intersections between City staff and experienced community artists.

Awardees and Projects

Funded projects range in nature from pop-up healing and beauty stations, filmed performances projected onto damaged and destroyed spaces, painted murals that share native medicinal knowledge of healing herbs, community healing through art-making, and engagement events that involve storytelling and deep dialogue. Artists will work in teams to execute their projects before the end of the year.

  • Sam Ero Phillips, “Haircuts for Change.”
  • Mankwe Ndosi and Griffen Jeffries; “Communities’ Wisdom, Imagination and Connection.”
  • Sha Cage, “AT THE CORNER OF ________.”
  • Witt Siasoco and the Carry on Homes team (Aki Shibata, Zoe Cinel, Preston Drum, Peng Wu and Shun Jie Yong), “Carry on Homes Northeast.”
  • Keegan Xavi and Sayge Carroll, “Harvest Feast.”
  • E.G. Bailey, “New Neighbors, Building Community Through Film.”
  • D.A. Bullock, “excited delirium.”
  • Caroline Karanja, “East African Collective.”
  • Candida Gonzalez and Creatives After Curfew, “Art for Nervous Systems.”
  • Roxanne Anderson and Anna Meyer, “Rising From The Ashes.”

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Creative CityMaking is a program of The Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy at the City of Minneapolis. Funding is provided by The Kresge Foundation.
Arts Midwest will act as fiscal agent for the disbursal of grant funds.