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Michelle Cooper

Chief Financial Officer
Phone Number: 
(612) 238-8006
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Michelle is a forward-thinking and innovative finance and operational leader with a strong commitment to assist non-profits with thinking strategically about financial capacity, with over 20 years of experience in administrative, financial and operations leadership and management, including 15+ years in the nonprofit sector. As Chief Financial Officer of Arts Midwest, her primary focus is to ensure financial sustainability (short and long-term), oversight of financial systems and strategies.

Prior to joining Arts Midwest, Michelle worked throughout Southeast Michigan, in financial and operational leadership roles, in a variety of non-profit organizations, including Cultural Institutions, Child Welfare and Health & Human Services Agencies.

She is Arts Midwest’s first Michigan-based staff member and uses she/her pronouns.

Areas of expertise

Non-profit financial and operational leadership and management, strategic planning and execution, organizational restructuring and transformation, financial planning and forecasting, risk management and regulatory compliance.


Michelle holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Management, and a B.A, in Accounting.