Exhibiting at the Conference

The Marketplace — the Conference exhibit hall — is where presenters, artists, managers, and agents meet and explore booking options together. More than 4,000 artists and ensembles are represented by organizations exhibiting in the Marketplace each year. Marketplace hours are the prime-time business discussion opportunities; exhibitors are expected to be in their exhibit spaces, ready to meet and talk with presenters.

  • Performing artists, managers, agents, and producers must purchase exhibit space to attend. Use this dedicated space to promote yourself, your artists, or your productions, and to talk with hundreds of presenters from across the United States and Canada.
  • Service organizations may purchase exhibit space to inform attendees about their services and programs and, if applicable, talk about the artists they’re promoting at the Conference.
  • Presenters/Venues research and meet with exhibitors in the Marketplace to discuss bookings for their venues, series, and seasons.

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